Don’t go to sleep on PH

I recently moved, and the unfortunate side effect was going from well water to city water and realizing halfway through the grow that things weren’t quite right. Turns out I need to ph down and that was beginning to seem like a daily occurrence when cultivating in hydro and trying to hit the magic reported sweet spot of 5.8.

Turns out there are tools to help. I opted for the inexpensive (still expensive) Milwaukee controller. So far so good.

I bought a bottle of distilled water and diluted my ph into it. The pump now doses the system to keep it fairly steady at 5.8. With this system being on a float valve I found that with the water constantly topping off the PH was a moving target.

As a lazy grower, it is money well spent in my opinion.

  • Milwaukee Instruments MC720 pH Controller with Mp810 Dosing Pump, 0 Degree C to 50 Degree C Temperature Range, 0.1 pH…

Why you should consider 3-week vegetative cycles when growing indoors

Ever notice in your nutrient feed cycles they show three-week veg cycles? I would always go more believing the results would be better.

As of late, I have changed my ways for several reasons. For one, I’m growing in hydro, and three weeks from seed can get pretty impressive. Secondly, time – especially with Sativas that will take longer in flowering, you may as well get the process started. But the last reason is I’ve learned that most indoor light does not penetrate much beyond three feet.

So rather than expend time and energy growing a canopy that gets lollipopped just pull the switch at three weeks and watch the results.