A hydroponic growing system unlike any other.

Root focused.

The greater the roots, the greater the fruits.

Oxygen is a nutrient.

Rather than pump oxygen into our nutrients like other hydroponic systems, we remove the solution from the root chamber allowing the roots to air out while the pump is on. When the pump is off the system is in a deep water culture (DWC) state.

Timelapse of root chamber being evacuated with an inline water pump.

Build your own four plant, five-gallon reservoir, hydroponic system.

  • Qty 4 – one-gallon buckets with 3″ cut into the lid
  • Qty 1 – five-gallon bucket with lid reservoir.
  • Qty 4 top hat washers
  • Qty 1 bulkhead
  • Qty 6 feet 1/2 irrigation tubing
  • Qty 1 in-line water pump
  • Qty 1 cycle timer

The first consideration should be the number of plants you want to grow. The second would be the size of your root chamber. For example, we’ll share a four plant system.