The 10/20/30 personal and commercial hydroponics systems for cannabis cultivation.


Hydroponic systems are complicated, sell as many unnecessary parts as possible, and are not cost-efficient to scale for personal and large-scale commercial cannabis indoor and outdoor farming. Also, 7.4 billion humans have to eat three times a day every day of their lives while climate change has begun to threaten the current agriculture system as we know it.


Bottleponics is the Holy Grail Hydroponic system. One that uses substantially less water, fewer parts, requires fewer nutrients and helps develop remarkable roots which in turn exceed yield expectations

Business Model

Inspire people to grow in hydroponics by sharing simply do-it-yourself instructions on how to build personal grow systems through blogs, Instagram, and YouTube. Connect with current or future indoor and outdoor hydroponic growers. Open source system without patent. Utilize amazon affiliates to offset server costs. Donations. Consulte on commercial cannabis grow operations. Evangelize legalization.

Underlying magic/technology

Oxygen. The fourth nutrient that hydroponics growers recognize as the holy grail to rapid and impressive yields. A simple 30 minutes on an hour and thirty minutes off provides a twelve-time daily cycle that aerates and recirculates the nutrient solution while drying out the roots. Drying and rehydrating has proven to be the best watering method for plants

Something to look forward to. Growing cannabis in hydroponics is thirteen weeks project that you’ll wake up every day looking forward to checking in on your plants as they grow.

Simple to automate. A simple cycle timer allows us to vacate the grow chamber of nutrients and expose the root system to air while encouraging more root inputs to the stem.

Using a one-gallon grow container reduces water usage over the typical five-gallon systems. No airstones drastically reduce cost and complexity, especially when scaling a hydroponic system. Fifty plants can run off a fifty-five-gallon drum. The tubing and buckets are inexpensive. The beauty of our system is removing parts.

Marketing and Sales

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Projections and milestones

We no longer need to predict climate change, but rather anticipate and adapt. Traditional agriculture is already being challenged. Simple low power water-efficient cultivation systems will be a part of our future. We have developed what we believe to be the Holy Grail of Hydroponics.

Status and Timeline

The final concept for the product is complete with excellent results. We continue to explore the hydroponic space and one day hope to grow hydroponics on mars while providing alternative agriculture systems to climate-challenged environments.

Summary and call to action

We hope to inspire you to grow with minimal effort while learning about hydroponics. Support us by building your own system using the affiliate links in our store. Read our blog and follow us on Instagram. Donations are appreciated but never required.

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