Don’t go to sleep on PH

I recently moved, and the unfortunate side effect was going from well water to city water and realizing halfway through the grow that things weren’t quite right. Turns out I need to ph down and that was beginning to seem like a daily occurrence when cultivating in hydro and trying to hit the magic reported sweet spot of 5.8.

Turns out there are tools to help. I opted for the inexpensive (still expensive) Milwaukee controller. So far so good.

I bought a bottle of distilled water and diluted my ph into it. The pump now doses the system to keep it fairly steady at 5.8. With this system being on a float valve I found that with the water constantly topping off the PH was a moving target.

As a lazy grower, it is money well spent in my opinion.

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Why you should consider 3-week vegetative cycles when growing indoors

Ever notice in your nutrient feed cycles they show three-week veg cycles? I would always go more believing the results would be better.

As of late, I have changed my ways for several reasons. For one, I’m growing in hydro, and three weeks from seed can get pretty impressive. Secondly, time – especially with Sativas that will take longer in flowering, you may as well get the process started. But the last reason is I’ve learned that most indoor light does not penetrate much beyond three feet.

So rather than expend time and energy growing a canopy that gets lollipopped just pull the switch at three weeks and watch the results.


Timelapsing Plants Growing

If you’re looking for a decent camera that allows you to record timelapse videos over extended periods, the Wyze Cam is a decent option. The added benefit is that you can check in on your plants from any place in the world.


Nutrients: Here’s a secret!

tl;dr: Jacks 321

Below are instructions for feeding your girls however, in the absolute, you should know that plants only require three basic nutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), often seen as NPK or some concoction of a three-number array. We strongly believe Oxygen (O) to be the fourth basic, but since nobody has figured out how to charge for it (actually, see air pumps), we’ll focus on the big three.

Pro Tip: #dontbuywater

Without getting too technical, our suggested nutrients are the same ones used by commercial hydroponic grow operations for food production Linked is Jacks 321, which is reduced weight and size and is perfect for our grows using a five-gallon bucket as the reservoir that serves four plants. Typically the nutrient is sold in large bag quantities, which in our systems would last forever. I haven’t done the math, but a typical grow is 13 weeks, and you’ll get more than three grows or more out of this package, so kudos to whoever takes the time to break it down.

Understanding basic plant requirements should force you to abandon purchasing liquid nutrients as you are just paying for water.

The best advice for starters is to focus more on environmental conditions and less on expensive nutrients. In our experience, oxygenating the root system produces #rootporn.

  • Jack’s 321 Hydroponic Nutrients Fertilizer Plant Food – 2 lb Kit

Doing Jacks 321 in a 5 gallon

hydroponic system

This three part is simple as long as you get a scale which removes any guess work. Label 3 red solo cups with a one two three. Nutrients are applied to the system from seedling until chop. Seedlings give enough time (about a week – they can go longer) to use the nutrients provided at birth.

Next label one with xyz 18g, two xyx 12g, three

1. 18g 5-12-26 (fine)

2. Epson salts – 5.5g (course)

3.12g Calcium Nitrate (in-between)

For some reason the order matters however for our system we run the pump while recirculating the nutrient solution and giving the plants a nice breather.

Every Deepwater culture system requires nutrients to be changed weekly and especially during the flowering cycle. Pay attention to weekly nutrient changes while using Jack’s 321 and you’ll start to believe you actually know what you’re doing.

5-12-26 – 18g (3.6g/gal)
Epson salts – 5.5g (1.1g/gal)
part b calcium nitrate (12g 2.4g/gal)

Blog System

A bottleponics system diagram


Why our system is a deep water culture system.

With zero power to our hydroponic system, gravity distributes the nutrient solution across the entire system, submerging the roots much like traditional deep water culture (DWC) systems which generally rely on air pumps running for 24 hours to aerate the solution.

We go about aerating our solution differently. More like a stream in nature that aerates through surface contact with the air through movement. We recirculate the inline pump variably to expose the roots directly to air. The side effect is nutrients are mixed without the need for stirring.

Blog Grow Room System

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The 10/20/30 personal and commercial hydroponics systems for cannabis cultivation.


Hydroponic systems are complicated, sell as many unnecessary parts as possible, and are not cost-efficient to scale for personal and large-scale commercial cannabis indoor and outdoor farming. Also, 7.4 billion humans have to eat three times a day every day of their lives while climate change has begun to threaten the current agriculture system as we know it.


Bottleponics is the Holy Grail Hydroponic system. One that uses substantially less water, fewer parts, requires fewer nutrients and helps develop remarkable roots which in turn exceed yield expectations

Business Model

Inspire people to grow in hydroponics by sharing simply do-it-yourself instructions on how to build personal grow systems through blogs, Instagram, and YouTube. Connect with current or future indoor and outdoor hydroponic growers. Open source system without patent. Utilize amazon affiliates to offset server costs. Donations. Consulte on commercial cannabis grow operations. Evangelize legalization.

Underlying magic/technology

Oxygen. The fourth nutrient that hydroponics growers recognize as the holy grail to rapid and impressive yields. A simple 30 minutes on an hour and thirty minutes off provides a twelve-time daily cycle that aerates and recirculates the nutrient solution while drying out the roots. Drying and rehydrating has proven to be the best watering method for plants.

Something to look forward to. Growing cannabis in hydroponics is thirteen weeks project that you’ll wake up every day looking forward to checking in on your plants as they grow.

Simple to automate. A simple cycle timer allows us to vacate the grow chamber of nutrients and expose the root system to air while encouraging more root inputs to the stem.

Using a one-gallon grow container reduces water usage over the typical five-gallon systems. No airstones drastically reduce cost and complexity, especially when scaling a hydroponic system. Fifty plants can run off a fifty-five-gallon drum. The tubing and buckets are inexpensive. The beauty of our system is removing parts.

Marketing and Sales

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Projections and milestones

We no longer need to predict climate change, but rather anticipate and adapt. Traditional agriculture is already being challenged. Simple low power water-efficient cultivation systems will be a part of our future. We have developed what we believe to be the Holy Grail of Hydroponics.

Status and Timeline

The final concept for the product is complete with excellent results. We continue to explore the hydroponic space and one day hope to grow hydroponics on mars while providing alternative agriculture systems to climate-challenged environments.

Summary and call to action

We hope to inspire you to grow with minimal effort while learning about hydroponics. Support us by building your own system using the affiliate links in our store. Read our blog and follow us on Instagram. Donations are appreciated but never required.

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