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High Performance Hydroponics. Dirt Cheap.

We hope to inspire you to grow your own by creating a high perormance, low cost hydroponic system. Aeroponics meets Deep Water Culture (DWC) in a bottle to create remarkable high performance cultivation system while using the least amount of resource to yield the lowest cost per plant hydroponic solution on the market. In other words - The Holy Grail of Hydroponics
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    High Performance Cultivation

    Bottleponics supplies unrestricted key nutrients including oxygen directly to the root zone. Dissolved oxygen is a key advantage that hydroponics enjoys over soil cultivation as it promotes nutrient uptake.

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    Simple & Sustainable

    Light, water, nitrogen. phosphorus. potassium. oxygen and support are all a plant needs to grow.

    No substrates. No air stones. No Dirt. No heat generating submersed pump to cause root problems.

    Bottleponics strips away all the hurdles to high performance cultivation while simplifying the process and reducing the cost.

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    Regular soda bottles becomes part of the solution in Bottleponics. Up-cycling plastic bottles with the Holy Grail creates a highly efficient hydroponics system that conserves water and nutrients, while eliminating environmental run-off. The results are clean and nutritiously potent crops.

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Key Advantages of Bottleponics



  • Bottleponics merges the top two hydroponic methods in a bottle to create the holy grail of hydroponics. (DWC+Aeroponics) High performance growth and yield. Simple maintenance. Dirt cheap.
  • The Holy Grail attached to a bottles provide sturdy but gentle plant support using standard cloning collars eliminating stress on plant root system.
  • By suspending the plants root system inside the bottle’s funnel without substrates, Bottleponics provides unparrelled access to nutrients and dissolved oxygen without restrictions.
  • Build DIY Distributed DWC Hydroponics with over the counter drip irrigation parts enabling multi plant grows simple and cost efficient.
  • Using a bottle as a solution reduces nutrients surrounding plant which increases dissolved oxygen which is the key to explosive growth.
  • The HAF (High Aeroponic Flow) nutrient spray system inexpensively makes a bottle an aeroponic rainforest chamber for the roots which provides unrestricted access to dissolved oxygen and nutrients. [see video to the right]
  • Bottles and reservoirs can be obtained locally reducing shipping costs of comparable bulkier hydroponic systems.
  • Gravity fed multiflow system continuously replenishes grow bottles, stabilizing PH and simplifying maintenance.
  • Unrestricted growth at the root tip focuses plant energy on stem and plant growth.
  • No foxfarm dirt, coco peat / coco coir, hydroton clay pellets, perlite, rice hulls, pumice, Oasis cubes, wood fiber, growstones, or vermiculite. Easier and cleaner while costing less.
  • Sterile and virtually sealed environment perfect for growing medical grade marijuna.
  • Zero nutrient run-off released into environment.
  • Pests and diseases are easier to eradicate.
  • Consistent high yields and more nutritiously potent crops.
  • It’s Portable. And stealth.

High Aeroponic Flow

Join the Quest for the Holy Grail.

With your support we hope to injection mold manufacture the Holy Grail which is the cornerstone to the Bottleponics High Performance hydroponic method. Our rewards include a easy to follow downloadable guide, the source files to 3d print your own, and custom kits to build your own indoor distributed deep water culture hydroponic system.

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Hacking Hydroponics

Before heading to the hydroponics store looking for Hydroponics for Dummies you should unearth the Bottleponics system. It’s a system that shoves the hydroponics vs soil conversation into the corner because now you can build DIY hydroponics systems from simple kits that are dirt cheap.

Now home growing is as close as amazon away. No more overpaying for air pumps, grow lights or nutrients at the hydroponics store. Bottleponics is hacking hydroponics using everyday items to create a simple how to guide that reduces the complexity and cost of high performance cultivation.

Our simple how to beginner guide to cultivating cannabis reduces the cost and complexity by breaking down plant growth to the basics. We ambitiously researched cannabis growth and believe the bottleponics system promises to deliver fast growing, potent yielding crops by optimizing the delivery of dissolved oxygen to the root structure by combining aeronautics and deep water culture into a sustainable grow system.

By definition hydroponics means growing plants without soil with water doing the work. Plastic bottles may appear as a gimmick however they do the work in bottleponics. The Holy Grail attached to a bottle becomes a powerful hydroponic solution, providing support via the nestled cloning collar. This allows the roots to be suspended inside the bottleneck where the bottle funnels the nutrient spray from the HAF [High Air Flow] nutrient pickup straw.

Bottleponics allow the creation of a simple single plant grow system however the scale of economies gets even better when you decide to grow multiple plant sites in a distributed fashion. This simplifies maintenance and feeding. With a gravity fed EZ-Flow reservoir fresh nutrients are continuously replenished in the bottle which helps stabilize PH levels and providing remarkable results.

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