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The Holy Grail

Aeroponics meets Deep Water Culture (DWC) in a bottle to create remarkable high performance cultivation system while making efficient use of resources to yield the lowest cost per plant hydroponic solution on the market. In other words - The Holy Grail of Hydroponics
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    High Performance Cultivation

    Bottleponics supplies unrestricted key nutrients including oxygen directly to the root zone. Oxygen is one of the key advantages hydroponics has over soil cultivation as it aids in nutrient uptake. The benefits to the holy grail of hydroponics are unrestricted growth in a sterile environment that provides consistently potent yields.

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    Simple & Sustainable

    No substrates. No airstones. No Dirt. No heat generating submersed pump.

    Bottleponics has the lowest cost per plant hydroponic solution.

    Using available resources and cutting out unnecessary costs we're pioneering a dirt cheap hydroponic method that yields remarkable results.

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    Regular soda bottles becomes part of the solution in Bottleponics. Up-cycling plastic bottles with the Holy Grail creates a highly efficient hydroponics system that conserves water and nutrients, while eliminating environmental run-off. The results are clean and nutritiously potent crops.

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Ask three cannabis growers for their thoughts about nutrients, and you’re likely to get three different answers. As with green chile and grilled cheese sandwiches, everyone has their own recipes for growing pot, and everyone thinks theirs is the best. Do you go strictly organic, using tea and bat guano to naturally enrich your cannabis? Or do you pump up the nutrients every week for swollen buds and enhanced aromas?

The arguments are old, but the variables are newer. As legal marijuana advances around the country, so does the science surrounding it.

Just ask Todd Brady, founder and CEO of Rx Green Solutions — a hydroponics nutrients company with a cannabis-focused research facility in Denver. “A lot of the products cannabis growers are utilizing today were not made for cannabis plants,” Brady points out. “They were made for ornamentals and flowers and other types of plants, and a plant is an accumulator of the ingredients it’s fed.”

Nutrient companies have generally stayed away from developing products for marijuana because it’s still illegal federally, driving growers to use nutrients that weren’t made for cannabis, instead feeding their plants cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals that people shouldn’t be smoking. A process called flushing, in which the grower feeds the plants only water — no nutrients — during the final two weeks before harvesting, should rid the plant of the metals some nutrients leave behind, but the procedure isn’t always done properly. That’s where Brady feels that his company can help.

Instead of the near-twenty-plus types of supplements that some grows use on a single crop, Rx Green Solutions uses just two bottles of nutrients specifically made for the grow and bloom stages (four overall), making the application easier and reducing the risk of burning — a symptom of overfeeding in which the leaves curl inward and potentially lose mass.



  • Simple DIY Hydroponics with over the counter parts.
  • Unrestricted growth at the root tip focuses plant energy on stem and plant growth.
  • Distributed deep water culture (DWC) with supplemental aeroponics.
  • No dirt. Easier and cleaner.
  • Sterile and virtually sealed environment.
  • Zero nutrient run-off released into environment.
  • Pests and diseases are easier to eradicate.
  • Consistent yields and potent yields.

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With your support we hope to injection mold manufacture the Holy Grail which is the cornerstone to the Bottleponics High Performance hydroponic method. Our rewards include a easy to follow downloadable guide, the source files to 3d print your own, and custom kits to build your own indoor distributed deep water culture hydroponic system.

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“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Carl Sagan, Cosmos

THE WARone-marijuana-please ON CANNABIS

The Netflix effect continues to erode the propaganda war waged on weed. The prohibition of marijuana has divided and criminalized us while denying access to perhaps one of earth’s greatest resources. The emerging cannabis industry seeks to capitalize on what so many have gone to prison for. The Cannabis plant is a gift from this earth. We should be able use it wisely.

There is much to be learned from research but the question should no longer be is it legal. Millions have been incarcerated while countless others have risked the wrath of the laws while seeking a small measure of relief in an other wise insane world. When you listen to the pros and cons, clearly the research has been done.


Colonizing Earth before mars?

If the Pope and a NASA Scientific consensus report that the Earth’s climate is warming doesn’t convince you to colonize mars then at least you should consider is colonizing earth.

Unpredictable weather patterns are already starting to challenge conventional crops. Indoor gardening offers total control of the growing environment. Hydroponics once considered too expensive and complex perhaps is emerging as a viable alternative to conventional cultivation. The Bottleponics method of hydroponics is a small step advancing towards non-commercial homegrown farming by creating sustainable, indoor, do it yourself (DIY), simple, homegrown cultivation solutions.