The art of curing Cannabis

Curing cannabis properly can be an art form. It involves creating the right environment to dry the buds, trim them, and store them to achieve the best possible end product.

The first step in curing cannabis is to dry the buds properly. This involves maintaining a controlled environment with a relative humidity (RH) of 55-62% and a temperature of around 60°F (15°C) for 11-14 days. It is essential to pay attention to the RH when trimming in a higher RH (58-65%) can lead to a feeling of moistness and sponginess in the buds.

To maintain the desired RH during the drying process, it may be necessary to use a humidifier or to hang wet towels near the intake (drying rack) and rewet them as needed. Additionally, a fan can be used with a humidity automation relay, such as a Sonoff TH10, for better control.

Once the buds are dry and ready to be jarred, it is essential to ensure that the RH is not too high (above 58%), as this can lead to the risk of mold or degradation of the buds. After a few days in jars, the humidity can be raised to the ideal level of 62% using humid packs.

It is also essential to avoid excessive burping and to store the containers in a cool place with a temperature as low as 60°F (15°C) to preserve the volatile terpenes. While curing is often recommended, it may not always be necessary and can even lead to a less potent end product if the cannabis is not of high quality, to begin with. Instead, focusing on adequately drying and storing the buds is essential to preserve their quality. By following these steps, it is possible to create the perfect cured cannabis.